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The Great Depression, the longest economic problem in the history of the world.  Of course this did not stop the creation  of one of the most famous ocean liners as we know today.  In 1930 the construction of The RMS Queen Mary began and the beginning of a 37 year history began.  In its initial phases of construction there were many delays, due to economic setbacks during the Great Depression.  In 1936 The Queen Mary began its maiden voyage from South Hampton, England to New York harbor without any issues.  

"We have decided to name our new ship after England's greatest Queen" - King George

For three years after her maiden voyage, the Queen Mary was the grandest ocean liner in the world carrying Hollywood celebrities like Bob Hope and Clark Gable, royalty like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.As World War II started, the Queen Mary's transformation into a troopship had begun. She was painted a camouflaged gray color and stripped of her luxurious amenities. Dubbed the "Gray Ghost" because of her stealth and stark color now 60 years later its parked at Long Beach, California and is considered one of the most haunted ghost ships in the world.


Multiple facilities.....

The Queen Mary had two swimming pools, nurseries, libraries, and salons on board....Its been said that multiple facilities were needed to be provided for each class of person.

Ships Capacity

  • 2,139 passengers
  • 776 first (cabin) class,
  • 784 cabin class,
  • 579 tourist class
  • 1101 Crew Members