Virginia City, NV


The History

Located 6,148’ above sea level, Virginia City was put on the map in 1859 with the discovery of the Comstock Lode.  This was the first major discovery of a large silver deposit in the United States that attributed to the towns population of around 25,000 people.

Did you know...

  • This city made regular people into millionaires, roughly over $300 million in mineral deposits found.
  • In October of 1875 an extremely large fire swept through the city and left nearly 10,000 people homeless.
  • The birthplace of Mark Twain in 1863…
  • The Washoe Club…..Yes it’s haunted, are you brave enough to investigate in the dark? We may or may not have had to walk out because of the intensity!
  • The Silver Queen has 2 haunted rooms, room 11 and 13!

Haunted Locations

Gold Hill Nevada


Located South of Virginia City. At one point the area was home to at least 8000 residents.  Between 1868 and 1888 by mining the Comstock Lode, a major deposit of gold and silver ore.  Mines such the yellow Jacket, Crown Point and Belcher brought over $10 Million each in dividends.  Historical remnants of the town can be seen including the Gold Hill Hotel which is Nevada’s oldest hotel built in 1861.

Fun Ghost Facts

  • The population of Gold Hill was largely Cornish. 
  • The worst incident occurred in 1869 in 1869 when fire broke out at the Yellow Jacket Mine’s 40 miners died.
  • Population in 2005 is 191

Silver Queen Hotel


Built in 1876, this hotel is the oldest in Virginia City.  This hotel has 28 restored rooms, without Television, phones or an Elevator.  The Silver Queen Hotel is a historic landmark with a haunted reputation.  This Hotel is allegedly haunted by a prostitute named Rosie.  She slashed her wrists in the tub in room 11 and remains there to this day.  Guest describe loud noises at night, sounds that include tapping on walls, doorknobs moving, sudden bangs. Voices, footsteps and actual sightings.

Fun Ghost Fact

  • Room 13 is also haunted next best thing if you can’t get room 11. 
  • The footsteps you hear are on a wooden floor. The hotel is all carpeted.

Washoe Club


History of the Washoe- a three storied brick building made in the 1870’s to a high class bar and club.  This club was called the Millionaire’s Club.  These were well to do men who frequent this establishment.

The first floor was the saloon and the upper two floors had fancy suites, a pool room, poker room and other private areas.  The spiral staircase was the original discreet entrance for the sexual service area.  As the Mining industry declined the club eventually opened its doors to everyone.

Fun Ghost Facts

  • Lena, a young blond woman appears on the spiral staircase. 
  • A very young girl has also been seen on the stair case. 
  • The apparition of a 13-year-old murdered in the basement has been in on the second floor.
  •  Haunted Tours are offered for a small price/overnight investigations are available.

Washoe Club Tour with Scream

During our tour of the Washoe Club we caught a woman screaming and then another female laughing. We thought it may have been our guide Betty, but she was quiet as a mouse. Dee was just documenting her tour for Facebook and just before posting her video she heard these voices.